Electric-over-hydraulic Pump

While manually pumping the bottle jack gives the user a fine degree of pressure control, the process becomes tedious when making multiple like pieces.

Product Summary

· 8”x5” footprint, 25 lbs.

· Single-Acting - Two Speed 

· Advance Return (Auto.)

· 1/4 hp, 110V 60Hz, Single Phase Motor

· Reservoir 60 cu. in.

· Rated 10 cu in/min (@ 10,000 psi)

· Portable power source for bottle jacks, hydraulic cylinders and tools.

· Permanent magnet motor starts easily under load, even with reduced voltage conditions.

· Pump can be operated in any position.

· High-impact housing with flame retardant construction.

· Base mounting holes for fixed installations.

Price: $1,500.00

We experimented with the less expensive air-over-hydraulic pump technology before rejecting it because its ’pulsing’ operation fails to provide uniform pressure through the full work compression cycle.

The electric-over-hydraulic pump provides one (fast) speed to get from full retraction to work engagement, and a second (precise) speed to get from work engagement to the user-desired final pressure. It also provides an auto-retract feature that does not require the pressure valve on the bottle jack to be released.

Electric-over-hydraulic Pump

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