Consumables Kits

All of the “cruder accoutrements” needed to get started—just add tooling, your work material and some artistic inspiration...

Complete Consumables Kit

· (2) 6”x6” 1” acrylic Spacer Plates with threaded, steel Heli-Coil inserts (attaches to the top platen with a 5/16” - 18 hex bolt)

· (2) 6”x6”x10 ga. steel Face Plates

· (8) 6”x6” Urethane Pressure Pads in (5) thicknesses (1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” and 1”) and two hardnesses: 80 and 95 Durometer

Price: $275.00

To save our customers from having to shop all over to find the necessary components, we tracked down the suppliers and packaged up this ‘Kit.” It contains all of the consumable essentials to get the new artist started in the studio and can be ordered with a Press as a “Package.”.

The 1” acrylic Spacer Plates have been drilled and tapped, and a 5/16-18 steel Heli-Coil inserted. Threads in acrylic don’t last through many use cycles so we put in the Heli-Coil which will never wear out.

The steel Face Plates are used primarily to protect the soft surface of the acrylic Spacer Plates from damage by tooling.

The Urethane Pressure Pads provide resistance and uniform pressure for die forming operations.

Complete Consumables Kit

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Urethane-only Kit

Price: $225.00

(8) Urethane Pressure Pads Only