Hydraulic Die Forming Presses

Our press was designed in collaboration with Susan Kingsley, a renowned Bay-area jewelry artist and author of Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths, the definitive work on the technique.

With her guidance, we incorporated every feature of her “dream machine.” The prototype of this design is installed in her Carmel, CA studio.

Product Summary

· 6-1/2” Working Height

· Top Platen Drilled to Accommodate Standard Tooling

· 20-ton Norco Hydraulic Jack

· 2-1/2” Diameter, 10,000 psi  Gauge with “Set-and-Repeat” Indicator Needle

· Heavy Duty Jack Handle and Jack Pressure Release Wrench

· Includes the ultimate ‘how-to” guide, Susan Kingsley’s HYDRAULIC DIE FORMING FOR JEWELERS AND METALSMITHS

Price: $845.00

Our press systems are designed using state-of-the-art mechanical CAD software integrated with powerful finite element modeling and analysis tools. Our press frame is designed and tested to operate safely at pressures 240% higher than can be generated by the 20-ton jack supplied.

Our press frames are made from 3/16" wall thickness steel tubing. They are MIG welded in a custom-made jig by our AWS certified welders, using 80,000 psi-rated welding wire.

In 2008, Susan saw cost as the biggest obstacle to wide-spread adoption of this jewelry-making technique. Then vendors of this type equipment at that time had raised prices beyond the budgets of most aspiring die forming metalsmiths. We promised Susan that we would sell this press for a price “under $1,000.00.”

Seven years later, our price is still $845.00

The “Original” Dakota Bulldog Press

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Standard Features:

· 10-1/2” Working Height: add $100.00

· 4” Diameter, 10,000 psi  Gauge with “Set-and-Repeat” Indicator Needle: add $100.00