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According to the 2010 census, Fairfax has a permanent population of 62, and Gregory County has a population of 4,271. Located just north of the Nebraska State Line, and just west of the Missouri River we are nearly dead center in America’s Heartland, where most of our country’s meat and grain are produced.

We invented the ‘Wal-Mart’ scale to help our customers understand where we are relative to ‘civilization’ as they typically know it.

Ask yourself, “How far is it (miles or minutes) to the nearest Wal-Mart?” The common answer for most customers is, “five or six miles or about ten minutes.” From Fairfax, the nearest Wal-Mart is in Mitchell, SD, 95.5 miles or 104 minutes away. For most of you, if you were to draw a circle with a twenty-mile radius around where you live, there would be more people inside that circle than there are in the entire State of South Dakota (853,465).

502 Turney Avenue

Fairfax, SD 57335

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Fairfax, Gregory County, South Dakota

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