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Company Profile:
AutoTrac (a contraction of AUTOmobile and TRACtor) was formed in 2000 to provide vehicle and equipment repair and maintenance services for the community of Fairfax and the surrounding farms and ranches. At a car show in 2005, a local artist was so impressed by our welding work on a dragster chassis that she asked us if we could design and build two hydraulic metal forming presses for use in jewelry fabrication. She was (and remains) very pleased with our first presses. Other artists saw these presses and approached us to build presses for them.

Seeing an opportunity to diversify our business, we recognized that to be successful we needed guidance from an industry expert. Our research lead us to Susan Kingsley, an accomplished metalsmith and artist, and author of the definitive book, "Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers & Metalsmiths." Ms. Kingsley has been generous with suggestions and insight from her experience, and our design incorporates all of the features of her "dream" hydraulic die forming press.

The prototype of this design is installed in Ms. Kingsley's studio in Carmel, California and is used on a regular basis. We call our press the "Dakota Bulldog" because it's sturdy, hard-working and loyal.
Mission Statement:
AutoTrac will be the market leader in quality, cost-effective, customer-driven products & services.
Contact Details
502 Turney Avenue
Fairfax, South Dakota 57335
United States of America
(605) 654-9056
(605) 654-2074